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About Us

               Our company was established in 1991 under the name of Nural Telekom and started its production activities with the Penguin wall phone model. It continued its activities by adding Compact wall/desk phone and Payphone models to its product portfolio in 1997 and finally continued to expand its product portfolio by offering Comfort desk phone and classic wooden phone models to the consumer in 2002.


        In 2006, in light of its success and experience in telecommunication, it entered the elevator electronics and communication systems sector by launching the Elevator Intercom Module and Branch Phone models. Then, it expanded its product portfolio by developing various cards and projects in line with Graphic LCD, Alphanumeric LCD, Elevator Security Systems and the market's needs.

        Automatic SMD Typesetting, SMD Oven, Wavy Crucible, Plastic Injection, Extruder etc., which we added to our facility by moving to our facility with a closed area of ​​2.500 m in Çengelköy in 2015. We continue to meet the demands of our valued customers by focusing entirely on domestic production with many machines and by following the developing technology.

Our Politics

  • We feel responsible towards our customers and establish long-term relationships.

  • We stand behind our promises and work based on mutual trust and respect.

  • We care about the safety of our employees, improve their working conditions, and support their personal and professional development.

  • We aim to deliver quality to our customers at the most affordable prices.

  • We provide the best service by using the highest technology in every product we produce and every service we offer.

Quality Standards

     We continue our activities with all our efforts so that our consumers can find better quality and durable products that comply with international norms and TSE in the domestic market. In this direction, our company received TÜRK TELEKOM approval certificate on 12.20.2002 and After-Sales Service Adequacy certificate and TSE certificate from the Ministry of Industry and Trade on 12.30.2002.


   Our company has an R&D laboratory in accordance with TSE norms. In this laboratory, our R&D employees continue to work at a high level on communication and other electronic designs in the world.

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